Trends seen this Diwali

Hello everyone and Happy Diwali !

Back to writing , after a short break .Enjoyed festival of lights, vibrant colors of rangolis , temptations of sweets , mouthwatering savories, sound of crackers , famjam and chance to decked up with Jewelry matching to Indian attire. I did little research on Bollywood beauties to know about jewelry trends they followed this Diwali –

it was mixed bag of Jhumkas, Chandballis , Kundan , Emeralds and Stones !!! Glittering beautiful.Maangtikka was surely in fashion.




White Sapphire

White sapphire or safed Phukraj is Gem Stone of Venus , it attracts wealth and health  to the wearer .This colorless Gem is worn on Friday evening as Pendant or Ring in middle finger or small finger .it is important to wear a flawless and transparent piece of this gemstone as any discoloration or cracks can cause adverse effects on the wearer.It is important that the stone comes in direct contact with the skin, ensure that the back is open while Stone is mounted on pendant or ring. It is used as alternative Gemstone to diamonds in Indian Astrology .

Natural or cultured Pearl ??? Confused

People are often confused about Pearls . Most common one is- ——“Cultured pearls are fake !” This is absolutely a wrong statement. Let me explain to you how both Pearls are formed;

Natural Pearls-

When a foreign body becomes lodged inside a mollusk, the organism develops a sac around the irritant, secreting calcium carbonate in the form of nacre to cover it. As the mollusk deposits layers of nacre, the pearl gradually grows in size.

Cultured Pearl—

To form a cultured pearl, human intervention is required to assist in starting the pearl producing process in the mollusk. A piece of mantle tissue or a round bead is inserted into the mollusk and then the process of depositing layers of nacre around the irritant just as a natural pearl begins.

Conclusion –whether a pearl is natural or cultured the origins are still the same for both.

It is very difficult to tell the difference between a natural pearl and a cultured pearl.

It is quite common even for experts in the field to mistake the two. The only definitive way to tell the difference between a natural pearl and cultured pearl is to take an x-ray of the pearl, which allows experts to see beneath the surface of the pearl. Exterior of both look same .

New Year 2018

Hello friends.

I guess it’s never to late for good wishes -Happy New Year to all followers , friends , relatives and associates.

New Year gives us hopes and new dreams , new resolutions – Well my focus would be -Healthy food !

Next would do more research on ‘Pearls ‘ – will share my learnings with you on the subject – Keep reading !






Blue Sapphire-Thai or Ceylon ??

Blue Sapphire or Neelam

-Thai Blue Sapphire are Opaque and dark in color , much cheaper than other lighter transparent sapphires from Srilanka- often referred to as ‘Ceylon ‘ sapphires.
They are often heat-treated .
Ceylon #Bluesapphires– Are lighter in shade , intense blue, transparent . Price is high and come in superior quality.
Both sapphires are available with us at #Diwanjewels in different shapes and carat sizes.

Don’t lose your sparkle even when you sweat ..

Are you part of Fitness Challenge ?

Here are some tips to protect your jewelry from sweat —

1-Gemstones —-Sweat or Cholrine don’t react with gemstone, but can get damaged , chipped, cracked with heavy blow at gym.

2-Pearls — Can get scratched very easily and can loose their shine . It’s advisable to keep pearls away while exercising.

3-Gold and Silver — They react with sweat and chlorine- so if you swim everyday , it will surely loose its luster and shine . Also metals can be soft which can easily dent .

4-Opals–very delicate and soft Gem ! Keep them for parties please !

5- Steel — Best option to choose  from the rest 🙂

Remove your precious jewelry before exercising or swimming .Your own sweat and body oils can dull the shine of your jewelry. Clean your jewelry regularly with warm water.Do not wear long chains or necklace while jogging. Avoid loose rings while swimming.