Organic Gemstone Coral

Corals–Coral is not a mined stone or mineral, but an organic gemstone. Coral is found in clear at between 15 and 160 feet. The greater the depth, the lighter the coral’s color. Coral reefs are found in almost all of the world’s oceans. The biggest is the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland, Australia.Italian red coral is in the highest demand In the jewelry industry and is considered the finest quality.Coral Gem is considered as Healing stone as per Indian Astrology.Wearing red coral can help in the following ways:
boosting energy and confidence ,eliminating fear and bad dreams ,dominating enemies and competitors.
The Romans believed coral could protect children from harm, as well as cure wounds made by snakes and scorpions and diagnose diseases by changing colour.
Avoid exposing your red coral gemstone to extreme temperatures. It may changes color from everyday wear.
Care–As an organic gemstone, this gemstone is softer than other gem materials and should be stored away from other gemstones to prevent scratches.
Red coral gemstone is also recommended for 35th wedding anniversaries.IMG_2400


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