Can A Gem Stone Change Fate?

Gemstones —Believe it or not !

The Bulletin

To counteract the adverse effects of vibrations of planets, or to enhance the beneficial planetary vibrations on the human system the occultists advise the use of gemstones.

A man is influenced by cosmic forces emanating from the transits of planets. The effect of planets in the form of cosmic vibrations varies on different people depending upon the strength of the natal chart.


Colour, precious gems and metals are influenced by planetary configurations and transits. It affects all spheres of human activity like health, prestige position, happiness, financial gains, business, marital bliss and all types of human relations and social life.

Effects of a gemstone:

To enhance the beneficial cosmic vibrations

Counteract evil planetary influences

How a gemstone works:

A gemstone recoups the deficiency caused by a particular color by transmitting that color into the body when it transmits the cosmic rays in the required proportion to the body.


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