Black Gem-Onyx

Black Onyx —Onyx was a popular stone in ancient Greek and Romans who used it for repelling negative energies of the universe. The word onyx came from a Greek word onyx that means fingernail.

Astrology uses this stone very frequently. Considering health benefits, this stone is beneficial for all Chakras. Eye ailment like glaucoma, kidney, heart and nerve ailments are treated with onyx. If you have any trouble in sleeping or having some kind of stress then wear this. Apart from this teeth problems, bone marrow, blood disorders and hair problems can also be treated. And it is believed that this stone is quiet slow in gaining all the powers so the wearer has to wear it for a long period of time and it needs to be worn close to the neck.

Onyx has been used as a stone set in rings for centuries, with the famous sealing of documents with wax in earlier centuries done by pressing a signet ring into the melted wax.

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