Paanch Datu -Five Metals

What are these five metals ?
Panch Dhatu means five metal namely Gold, Iron, Zinc, Silver and Copper.

Lord Krishna had asked Arjun to wear a Panch Dhatu bracelet to bring out his best potential to achieve final victory.

Benefits of wearing Vedic Jewellery of Panchdhatu enhances self-confidence, good health, fortune ,Peace of Mind & Overall Health & Wellbeing prosperity.
Paanch Datu jewelry can be worn as Kada (Bangle ) .
It can be worn as Ring- To be worn on any hand except Middle Finger.
It can also be worn as Pendant with any chain or thread.
Card made of Paanch Datu can be kept in wallet or purse.
It is very sacred to wear Panchadharu Rings as per ancient Vedic Astrology.IMG_2753


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