Triangular Coral or Trikon Coral

This Organic Gemstone, red in color popularly  known as “Coral” or Moonga in Hindi.

Corals used for astrology purpose come in different shapes- most commonly used are – Capsule, Triangle, Ganesh Coral.

A Triangular red coral is also referred to as the Lakshmi Moonga ruled by the Goddess of wealth. This particular “Lakshmi Moonga” is primarily the invention of certain Astrologers and traders and in majority used in North India.Astrologers believe that , this particular shape has more powers as compared to others.

I personally feel,any shape shall work provided the basic criteria are met- Coral worn should be genuine, natural and not plastic! 2F44F5BC-43C8-4D6C-A7B2-5B16F6EC0CCF.jpg

Red Coral should be mounted in Copper/Gold metal Ring and wear in Ring finger of working hand (left or right).
Red Coral stone must touch your finger skin. Red coral should be worn on Tuesday Morning during sunrise.


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